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Hi, name's Rose. Just a girl from London. Been working in shops my whole life, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun!

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on september 1st 2017 we should all go to King’s Cross station and be there for the end of Harry Potter’s timeline 

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this guy is a guardian of the galaxy 

I feel safer already

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please reblog this post if you adore crossovers and AUs, i want to know just how many people love throwing their muse into situations they would never experience in their canon verse

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Rose burst through the unlocked door of a dirty hotel and slammed it shut behind her. She started barricading it by putting chairs and moving dressers in front of it. She was so frantic and panicked that she hadn't noticed the man sitting on the motel bed, sharpening a knife.




"Whoa whoa whoa! What the hell do you think you’re doing?" Dean questioned, getting to his feet, his knife still grasped tightly. She was obviously running from something, but the hunter didn’t take to kindly to strangers barging in either. "What’s going on?"

Rose nodded as she sat down. “Yeah.. that was pretty scary.” She looked up at him. “Was it an alien? ‘Cause I’ve seen tons of aliens before, but none of them ever had eyes like that.”


She slumped in her seat and pulled out the knife she’d grabbed on her run to the bathroom. Rose looked down at it and laughed, holding it out to him. “Sorry, I took it just in case..well you know.” She smirked. “I have no idea why it came after me. It cornered me on my walk home from work, and just kept asking ‘what are they telling you? what are they saying to you?’, and it had a knife, so I ran for my life.” She concluded.

"I told you, this thing was a demon, like fire and brimstone, burning in hell type of demon," he sighed, walking over to the mini fridge in the corner and pulling out a beer for himself before tossing her one too. He figured she could use it.  He took a drink slowly letting out a sigh after popping it open. 


"And you have no idea what this thing was talking about?" he questioned. "None at all? I mean, they can be tricky bastards."

Rose caught the beer one handed and popped the top off quickly. At least he knew what she’d need after that weird-ass encounter. “And you, what, fight them?” She smiled at the thought of this man spending his days and nights fighting demons. She took a long drink and put the beer between her legs while she explained.

"Well.. I’ve been having nightmares lately. And he asked me about them. The..uhh..demon." She felt weird using that word, but it was apparently the right one, so she was sticking with it.

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Bradley gets fed up with Ellen’s picture taking incompetence 

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That guy in the lower left corner in the crowd remembered every move 10 years later. 

is that ryan gosling 

thats fucking ryan gosling

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doctor who meme| eight quotes (5/8)

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this scene was wild from start to finish

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Rose leaned back against the wall of the TARDIS hall. “Theta, have you seen the Doctor?” She asked him quietly. He’d had to have seen him. He seemed like he’d been here for at least a month, he knew his way around the TARDIS so well already.

She faced him and couldn’t help but stare.

"You look.. so familiar. Like I’ve known you for ages.” She whispered.

She couldn’t help but feel like this man was like no other she’d known before. She wanted to be near him, to touch him.

She reached her hand up and touched his face ever so slightly.

It felt like her head was imploding. She closed her eyes and grabbed her head as images filled her mind. She saw herself standing on a beach crying, a redheaded woman yelling at her, and finally her kissing her Doctor.

And just as fast as it had started, the pain had stopped.

She’d fallen back onto the floor, her head in her hands and sitting in the fetal position. She moaned and mumbled. “Theta.. what was that?” She looked at him. “Did you do that?” She sat up and looked at the man.